Badac's work has always focused on human rights issues. The more we explored these issues the more we came to realise that mankind is controlled by violence. That violence infects every aspect of the human state, that it is as vital to human existance as is the air we breathe or the food we eat.

Without violence we have nothing. Mankind has proved this consistently over a period lasting thousands of years, we survive because we have this capability for extreme violence, not in spite of it. This violence is not only a physical violence, as a species we have refined violence so that it can be emotional, psychological and even spiritual.

Our work is an experiment in trying to find an essence of this violence through theatre.

To approach this "Theatre of Violence" our work must be extreme. The actors will be led to a point of physical destruction, where they have no more to give, from this exhaustion, this freedom, we will explore their violence, we will pull from them their capacity for destruction and channel this into the play.

The experience this creates for both the actors and the audience will be intense, disturbing, brutal and destructive. This is what we want. If we are to understand both the capabilities and suffering of man then we must expect the experience to be painful.

Steve Lambert